An exceptional scientific revolution in the field of AI has been instigated recently with the advent of deep learning and high-power graphical processing units. Exploiting such tremendous potential of AI as part of a digital transformation strategy will be a key component in creating intelligent endeavors of future. Artificial intelligence has seen exponential rise in the past few years due to its applicability to various aspects of our daily lives. It has proved to play a significant role in serving enterprises re-imagine and re-design their products and services, increase their revenues, realize business efficiencies, and enrich customer experience. Moreover, AI has been able to find solutions to problems which were not available until very recently. Some noteworthy examples being: voice-based assistants such as SIRI, Alexa, autonomous vehicles such as Google Cars, Autonomous drones for defense applications and applications in medical and healthcare domains.

With this backdrop, a need for an AI research center has emerged. This center will play a crucial role in spearheading the advancement and novel developments in various application areas and will promote the advanced research and education in the field of AI, attracting more corporate as well as students to Symbiosis. Further, it will promote interdisciplinary research to address pertinent issues that could involve a huge spectrum such as finance and banking to healthcare. The objectives of this center are in-line with the vision of SIU and a unique center dedicated to AI research will serve to fulfill this aim to a large extent.

Primary aims of this center include but are not limited to:

To develop novel techniques in various domains of AI (machine learning, deep learning, probabilistic reasoning etc.)

Application of these algorithms to a variety of problems specifically focusing in three domains namely healthcare, NLP and robotics.

Translation of the above two aims into novel product ideas for start-up industries and opportunity generation for consultancy to industry.

In the initial phase, specifically, we plan to have three separate verticals:

AI Research:

to carry out cutting-edge research on development of novel AI methodologies and techniques. The funding for specific requirements for a research project will be obtained through applying to research grants from funding agencies such as DST, DBT, SERB, AICTE etc.

AI Applications:

to develop solutions to industrial and research problems with a focus on healthcare and robotics domains. The sub-domains under healthcare will include (but not limited to) medical imaging (with SCMIA), biomedical sciences (with SSBS), assistive technology development and precision medicine. We envisage that the methodologies developed as part of the AI Research vertical will be employed by AI Applications vertical to find solutions to various problems.

AI Education:

The AI education vertical will provide training and education to industry and academia on various subdomains of AI (primarily Deep Learning).

about scri

Symbiosis Centre For Research and Innovation (SCRI), established in 2009, is the dedicated department of Symbiosis International (Deemed University) for promoting and facilitating research among students and faculty. Through its academic and administrative services, SCRI enables researchers to achieve excellence in their work, and eventually, translates SIU's vision of creation of knowledge for the benefit of the Society into reality.