1. SPARC Grant of MHRD, Govt of India, with Arizona State University, USA

    Title:Development of Algorithms for Credibility Analysis of Information(CAI)

    Credibility is the believability and trustworthiness of information. In recent times, due to the explosion and wide acceptance of social media reporting, the issue of non-credible news has become highly salient. Our aim in this research is to quantify these measures using state-of-the-art AI techniques and combine them to analyze the credibility of information, especially in the Indian scenario.

    Collaborator: Arizona State University, USA

    Financial Outlay: 82.6L

  2. SPARC Grant of MHRD, Govt of India, with University of Queensland, AUS

    Title: Development of Explainable AI Techniques for Complex Disease Diagnosis using Genomics Data (XAI)

    In this project, we investigate approaches to make artificial intelligence based systems and models transparent, understandable and explainable in the context of complex disease diagnosis based on genomics data.

    Collaborator : University of Queensland, Australia

    Financial Outlay: 84.6L

  3. Dr. K. Kotecha is awarded the DUO India Professor Fellowship 2020 with Dr. George Ghinea of Brunel University, UK
  4. Dr. Rahee Walambe is awarded the DUO India Professor Fellowship 2020 with Dr. Stasha Lauria of Brunel University, UK
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